Best-Practice Planning for Attendance & Exhibits

Screenshot for Best-Practice Planning for Attendance & Exhibits

Juggling the financial planning of world-class exhibits, state-of-the-art facilities, 24/7 animal care, and ticket sale revenue is a major undertaking. Learn how the National Aquarium has tackled this with an active planning process that drives best practices.

Follow along with Megan Riley, VP Finance, National Aquarium, as she demonstrates how she creates timely plans and accurate models in Adaptive Insights that enable their organization to:

  • Forecast attendance and ticket sale revenue with confidence by accurately accounting for key drivers like seaons, weekends, and special exhibits 
  • Plan for capital purchases so they can continuously fund new and existing exhibits, facilities and life support
  • Enable everyone in the aquarium who manages programs and funds to collaborate on the plan and gain important insights, driving better cash flow and a more accurate, data-driven budget

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