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Financial Dashboards & Planning For Business Services

For services companies, using disconnected spreadsheets to align revenue and costs across multiple projects, customers, and departments can be challenging. Adaptive Insights helps services firms move their headcount, project, resource, and revenue planning processes to the cloud, accelerating finance cycle times by as much as 70%.

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Proven, Flexible Revenue Planning for Services Organisations

Move from spreadsheets to the cloud to create more effective revenue plans. Plan and forecast revenues using business drivers like billing rate, number of resources, and project duration. Model costs, allocations, and profitability by project, customers, or departments. Automate revenue recognition and reporting based on milestones or the percentage that a project is complete.

Plan Resources Effectively and Better Manage Employee Costs

Adaptive Insights delivers headcount planning capabilities that let you align resources against projects so you can manage demand more efficiently. Model employee costs, billing rates, and utilisation assumptions. Compare scenarios, and analyse their impact on project profitability. Plan and report on payroll and fully loaded employee costs to better manage expenses.

Report on and Analyse KPIs From Project Margins to Utilisation

Our intuitive dashboards and reports help you achieve instant visibility into revenues and expenses by projects, departments, customer segments, and more. Get deeper insight into KPIs such as contribution margins, operating expenses, and revenue by service offering. Empower project leaders by allowing them to visualise critical metrics, analyse trends, and drill down into the details if necessary.

Streamline Planning Across Council Housing and Locations

Spreadsheet-based budgeting is often error-prone and time consuming, and harder to scale across projects and operating units. Adaptive Insights establishes a consolidated source of truth for planning and reporting data. Managers distributed across hundreds of projects can enter budgets and submit plans knowing that they’re accessing consistent and accurate performance metrics and KPIs.

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