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Adaptive Discovery

Drive Business Performance with Interactive Dashboards, Visualisations, and Charts that Anyone Can Create, Personalise, and Share

Put the power of self-service interactive dashboards, visualisations, and charts into your hands to monitor and drive business performance. Visualise numbers and charts side-by-side while you plan, easily see variances in a waterfall chart, personalise dashboards with your own KPIs, and perform period-over-period analysis. Analyse real-time financial and operational data over time, reach your own conclusions, and apply what you have learned to improve the plan. With easy, powerful, and fast analytics and dashboard software, you can plan and adapt without compromise to drive business success.

Seemlessly integrate analytics and dashboards into your FP&A processes.

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Adaptive Discovery Dashboards

Empower Everyone With Dashboards

Our cloud dashboard software allows finance and line of business teams to create, modify, and share dashboards and scorecards with ease. Quickly interact with your information by slicing, dicing, and drilling down into the details. And easily deliver dashboards to every user, across locations and devices.

Adaptive Discovery Dashboards

Dashboard Software With Built-In Financial Intelligence

Spot issues at a glance with data visualisation that includes funnel, dial, waterfall, bubble, histogram, radar, and Pareto charts, as well as standard bar, column, gauge, area, and doughnut charts. Scorecards deliver instant variances from budget and forecast, with financial intelligence built in.

Adaptive Discovery Dashboards

Self-Service Analysis for Everyone

Perform analysis through drill-down analytics, exception and variance reporting, period-on-period comparisons, moving averages, standard deviation, linear regressions, trends, control charts, and more. Drill down and even perform interactive what-if analysis.

Add comments to your dashboards and data visualizations

Collaborate and Align Around Your Data Narrative

Share immediate insights and data perspectives with team members or departments directly on your dashboards with annotations. Start more productive conversations using the same ‘snapshot in time’ metrics and highlight risks or opportunities for immediate action.

Create a Common Language for Data and Analytics

A built-in metrics catalog centralises financial and operational business metrics in categories and folders, so everyone makes decisions on the same KPIs. Share insights, notes, and narratives across the team. And of course, all metrics are based on the same cloud data foundation that integrates data across sources and systems.

Unify Financial, Sales, and Operational Analytics

With our introductory solution, Adaptive Discovery Professional, you can monitor financial performance with dashboards that visualise Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation data. Expand to add operational data directly from your ERP, CRM, or HCM systems with Adaptive Discovery Enterprise. Direct click-not-code integration with common sources like accelerates analysis.

Instantly Shift From Analysis to Planning and Modelling

By sharing a common data platform in the Adaptive Suite, Adaptive Discovery lets you pivot immediately from analysing performance to re-planning and re-forecasting. Drill down from visual metrics to the related planning sheets to test out new assumptions and see their impact in real-time on your forecasts, or drill further down to transactional details.

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