Kshitij Dayal

Vice President Engineering

Kshitij Dayal, Vice President Customer Success

With a unique ability to conceptualise and develop software products, Kshitij has a proven track record of increasing customer adoption and driving revenue via product and technology innovation. 

As vice president of engineering, he is responsible for the global engineering organisation that is committed to delighting customers with the most robust and high-performing software as a service (SaaS) solution. To this role, Kshitij brings broad technical expertise in SaaS and enterprise applications, strong business knowledge, and leadership skills. This powerful combination helps him clearly understand the business problems at hand, identify the technologies to develop, and lead his team to deliver high-quality software.

Previously, Kshitij was vice president of engineering at Ariba, where he was responsible for the applications and infrastructure for the Ariba Commerce Network, a cloud platform handling more than $1 trillion of procurement and payments annually. He also created the Ariba Payments and Finance products from the ground up, and helped define and design the award-winning AribaPay product.

Prior to Ariba, Kshitij was the technical lead at Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), delivering product for credit card fraud detection, credit originations, and other financial and analytical modelling. At Tata Infotech, he led the group responsible for the development of new imaging and workflow products. As an outlet for his entrepreneurial spirit, during college Kshitij co-founded Ezee Automations, where he designed and developed a cost-effective, small-scale enterprise resource planning system to support local engineering companies.

Kshitij earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from Indore University in India.