Active Planning for Life Sciences

Companies across the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, medical devices, and medical diagnostics are taking a new approach to budgeting, planning and reporting to make smarter financial decisions faster.
Model clinical scenarios and other parts of the drug development cycle in Adaptive Insights

Model your business as it evolves

With growth comes complexity. As you bring drugs and devices to market, you need to plan for commercial readiness. Model and forecast scenarios across product mix, distribution channels, discounts and rebates offered or model the options between R&D and acquisition. With Adaptive Insights, you can make faster decisions and engage business users with powerful modeling for budgeting, forecasting, and planning. You can also model integrated P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements to see the impact of your decision on gross-to-net and cash.

Continuously forecast to gain business agility

In a volatile environment, you need to keep a pulse on the financial health of your pharmaceutical or biotech company. With Adaptive Insights, you can implement a rolling forecast that allows your executives and department leaders to gain business agility in a rapidly changing industry. For example, your team can analyze the impact on the 12-month cash flow before starting a new project. Quickly update and analyze the forecast when project timelines change. Analyze and adjust sales forecast by drugs or devices and see the impact upstream and downstream in real-time.

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Deliver timely reports efficiently

The financial and operational reporting requirements can seem overwhelming for life sciences companies. Our easy-to-use reporting functionality helps you quickly generate financial, management and ad hoc reports so you have more time to analyze the data. Use the drag-and-drop feature to report across multiple dimensions and drill down and across to the details. Increase collaboration and transparency with your entire organization by sharing notes even on the transaction data.

Make smarter decisions with analytics

When everyone in your company—from executives and department leaders to scientists and clinicians—has access to analytics they can understand and use, your company’s performance improves. With Adaptive Insights, you can provide analytics that is best suited for the end-user with dashboards, data visualizations, forecasting models, and charts. They are easy to create, personalize and share securely. Empower your functional teams to analyze project costs, personnel expenses, vendor spending, pharmaceutical sales revenue and more. And make the right business decisions quickly.

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