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Highly Tuned Sales Plan Drives Winshuttle’s Top-Line Growth

Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation Help International ERP Provider Accelerate Financial Modeling and Meet Strict Auditing Requirements

  • While its customers rely on Winshuttle’s software to automate and simplify the collection, validation, and movement of data in SAP and other large enterprise resource planning systems, Winshuttle itself struggled to project top-line sales due to a manual, spreadsheet-driven process. The company needed to simplify and automate its own data collection and analysis to optimise performance.


    • Multiple spreadsheets required large amounts of time to build a single model, leaving little time to model different scenarios
    • Quickly running a what-if scenario to inform decision-making in real time was difficult
    • The company was unable to automatically integrate critical Salesforce data for more accurate projections


    • Salesforce data automatically flows into the model to increase visibility into opportunities and performance for more accurate projections
    • Powerful software gives the team the ability to quickly analyse quotas, coverage, productivity, ramp, and attainment
    • Dashboards enable the team to run what-if analyses in real time
  • About:

    Winshuttle’s mission is to “make heroes.” Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Bothell, Washington, Winshuttle has offices in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and India. By enabling business users to work with SAP directly from Excel, SharePoint, Web forms and other interfaces without programming, Winshuttle improves productivity and saves customers significant time and money.

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Quality Financial Modelling & Consolidation Helps Meet Strict Auditing Requirements

"We needed to streamline our FP&A process, particularly to speed-up our financial consolidation and to meet auditing requirements around inter-company accounts," said Winshuttle CFO Jeff Bergstrom. "Adaptive Consolidation has helped us reach a much greater efficiency level. The biggest benefit of having Adaptive Consolidation and Adaptive Planning has been greater quality and accuracy in financial modelling, which is what’s most important to me."

Adaptive Consolidation Streamlines Eliminations with Greater Accuracy

Automated inter-company eliminations among Winshuttle’s four subsidiaries, in four different countries, and four currencies were a key priority for Winshuttle.

"We really needed a better way to accurately and efficiently roll-up those subsidiaries into our corporate financial model," Bergstrom recalled. "Adaptive Consolidation has helped us do exactly that. Adaptive Consolidation properly handles any variance issues, meaning we no longer have to complete manual, monthly eliminations process like before. Now we upload our accounts and we are done."

Improved Reaction Time to Company, Industry Changes

With Adaptive, Winshuttle has replaced yearly financial forecasts with rolling forecasts. Executives now are making business decisions based on the most current data and performance outlook.

"I need to react to a change in sales with opportunities to accelerate or dial back hiring. Adaptive has helped us to better manage these assumptions across our various subsidiaries by utilising our global finance team more effectively.  In addition Adaptive has increased my staff’s knowledge and accountability so that we can focus on company’s direction and strategy," Bergstrom explained.

Financial Budgeting Cycle Shrinks from Weeks to Days

With Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation, each Winshuttle regional finance team updates their financial model and those updates automatically roll-up to the corporate level.

"We used to manually update numbers as they changed and attempt to consolidate everything back at HQ," Bergstrom said. "Now our entire team can do real-time planning and forecasting.  We can create a budget and a revised budget in a matter of days, compared to weeks before we had Adaptive."

Decision-Making with Adaptive

Currently, Winshuttle maintains a monthly rolling financial forecast that’s steadily one year ahead of the company’s current financial plan. That year-long outlook has helped the executive focus strategic goals and objectives within the organisation, as the most updated financial performance metrics are used to appropriately fine-tune the forecast and re-direct the company during the course of the year.

"Our rolling financial forecast in Adaptive is really helping us focus on the key decisions and initiatives to guide the ship, and how these different initiatives impact our overall results."

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