Budgeting And Forecasting For SaaS Companies

SaaS Planning & Analytics

Adaptive Insights lets Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies plan, monitor, and analyze subscription bookings and revenue. Our suite provides SaaS-specific metrics and templates for budgeting, forecasting, scenario modeling, dashboards, and reports. The result is improved sales and revenue forecasting, and insights that help to improve customer retention and reduce churn while reducing acquisition costs.

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Model ARR for a SaaS-based Business

Align Revenue Plans with Corporate Objectives

Set revenue goals based on historical data, business drivers, and growth objectives. Plan monthly and annually recurring revenue (MRR and ARR) streams from new and renewal software subscriptions. Use revenue waterfalls to model recognition timing for subscriptions and services. And incorporate ERP and CRM sales data for a comprehensive view of revenue.

Model ARR for a SaaS-based Business

Gain Insights from SaaS KPIs to Grow Customers

Intuitive dashboards let you continuously visualize and explore subscription revenue metrics, such as MRR and ARR, annual contract value (ACV), and average revenue per account (ARPA), so that you can accurately plan investments in marketing, development, and sales. Track and gain insights underlying customer metrics, including customer acquisition costs (CAC), customer lifetime value (LTV), churn and renewal rates, to better understand how to grow and retain customers while reducing acquisition costs.

Forecast SaaS revenues, expenses, bookings from new and existing customers.

Accurately Forecast Subscription, Renewal, and Services Bookings

Create a holistic bookings forecast for new subscriptions, renewals, and services. Set subscription sales targets in concert with your sales and services teams, plan bookings by business cohorts, and use sales capacity scenarios to determine headcount needs to meet quota. Then compare the sales forecast with actual bookings using variance reports. With the Adaptive Suite, you can accurately forecast, track and adjust your bookings, and project your sales growth.

Forecast SaaS revenues, expenses, bookings from new and existing customers.

Plan Hosting, Sales, and Operating Expenses with Confidence

Plan the expense of your software operations with expense budgets based on targets, roll ups of personnel, and cost-of-sales (COS) data. Model sales rep compensation and productivity, accounting for on-boarding ramp rates, and forecast commissions based on varying attainment scenarios. Budget ongoing hosting and other operating expenses (OPEX), and determine project capital expenditures (CAPEX) for new and growing data centers. With a complete picture of SaaS expense planning, you can increase margins through the reduction of CAC and ongoing support costs.

SaaS Benchmarking Service and Reporting Example

Integrate Financial and Key Operational Benchmarks into Your Reporting and Dashboards

Compare your budget and actuals on a monthly basis against critical financial and operational benchmarks for peer SaaS companies. Choose from detailed benchmarks for peer companies by size of revenue, growth rates, funding stage, and business model.

OPEXEngine’s SaaS benchmarks can be quickly and easily integrated into the SaaS Planning & Analytics solution to compare your actuals, plans, and forecasts to peer SaaS companies. Learn more at www.opexengine.com.

Use benchmark comparisons to:

  • Identify areas of inefficiency and room for improvement
  • Get the executive team to agree on targets
  • Drive your company to better performance

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