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Budgeting and Financial Planning Software For Nonprofits

Some of the best-run nonprofits run Adaptive Insights financial planning software to effectively align demand for their services with funding, while achieving clear visibility into their expenses. We have deep expertise in budgeting and planning for nonprofit organizations, and understand the importance of making every dollar count to support your mission.

Learn more about how our financial software can help your nonprofit organization plan smarter, report faster, and analyze better.


Plan and Forecast by Program, Then Align Resources and Expenses

Make the move from spreadsheets and start accelerating budgeting and planning cycles at your nonprofit. Plan and forecast by program, project, fund, grant, season, location...however you need to model your organization. Track expenses and donor contributions efficiently and effectively. Perform allocations, manage financials across funds and projects, and perform balance sheet and cash flow planning.

Streamline Reporting Across Funds and Projects

Our easy-to-use reporting functionality helps you easily generate balance sheets and annual financial statements, and streamline other regulatory filings. Drag-and-drop reporting across multiple dimensions lets you track the performance of and get on-demand visibility into funds, projects, programs, departments, employees, and more. Stakeholders can contribute to your plans easily and quickly making planning a much more collaborative and efficient process.

We Understand that Each Nonprofit has its Own Unique Challenges and Needs

Arts & Culture

Whether it's managing multiple revenue sources or retaining and engaging donors we have you covered. We provide the tools to help you in your mission to support the arts while being responsible stewards of funds from patrons and benefactors.

Arts & Culture Datasheet


We help associations focus more resources, time, and energy on their mission by automating their data and processes. Plan for multiple revenue streams, manage cash flow, and easily engage third-party stakeholders and board members on the budget approval process.

Associations Datasheet


From accurately planning revenues and expenses to managing and consolidating multiple funds and programs, we enable education organizations to work better to achieve their mission. Empower yours with planning software that is easy, powerful, and fast.

Education Datasheet


With Adaptive Insights, faith-based organizations can accurately plan revenue and expenses, manage and plan cash flow, and evaluate the impact of new projects with minimal time and effort. This means more time and energy to focus on the mission.

Faith-Based Datasheet


Adaptive Insights helps foundations to do their best work. Easily manage and plan for the complexities of your organization including differing grant sizes and distributions, multiple funds (restricted and unrestricted), programs, and multiple locations.

Foundations Datasheet

Health & Human Services

With an active planning process that is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous, health and human services organizations can assess the impact of patient flow, bed count, expenses, and even model the complexities of cash and insurance reimbursements.

Health & Human Services Datasheet

Analyze and Model Donor Contributions, Personnel Costs, and Overhead

Analyze and plan for fundraising efforts over multiple channels. Model operating expenses. Create plans based on average donor contributions and cost per program. Analyze by fund, program, project, and more. Model personnel allocations for programs and projects, plan program overheads, and allocate shared costs.

Continuously Forecast for Predictable Fund Management

Use Adaptive Insights planning software to rapidly build rolling forecasts that drive financial projections on a regular basis. Incorporate the latest actuals for event registration revenues and expenses, membership renewals, and financials from other events into the projections, and integrate with common data sources for nonprofits, such as Blackbaud, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

Have a specific question about our software or how we've helped other nonprofit organizations? We’re standing by to help.