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Web-based Reporting Software

Give Everyone on Your Team the Ability to Build, Analyze, and Share Interactive Management Reports

Declare independence from IT. A standard part of the Adaptive Suite, our web reporting’s intuitive interface gives your team the autonomy they need to create, deliver, and access key management reports, instantly.

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Adaptive Reporting Web Reporting

Powerful Management Reporting—Standard

Both Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation come standard with powerful web reporting. Easily create, customize, and share interactive management reports with an intuitive drag-and-drop report builder. Our web reporting gives all of your finance users and managers access to interactive reporting so they can make better, more informed decisions.

Self-Service, Secure, and Transparent Reporting

Create reports on the fly. There’s no coding required: Just point and click, drill down into the numbers, and explore the detail behind the data right down to the sheet level. What’s more, users can only access the reports that are relevant to them, protecting your sensitive data.

Output to Your Format of Choice

Easily produce tabbed management reports and report packs for multiple organizations or geographies. Even convert reports to multi-page Excel workbooks in just one click. Built-in flexibility makes it simple to output any report to your format of choice, whether that’s PDF, HTML, or Excel.

Gain Insight, Annotate, and Share

We’ve made it easy to create and store “point-in-time” snapshot reports, and even add annotations that enable collaboration. Organize report lists in folders for instant access to the most recent analyses. Designate folders as public or private for added security. It’s never been easier to provide a complete self-service reporting library for your team.

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