Our Business Planning Cloud is affordable and provides exceptional value-with a total cost of ownership that's up to 75% lower than traditional alternatives. Our products are licensed on a simple subscription basis, with prices based on the following:
  • Package selected: Planning & Analytics or Planning
  • Product options
  • Number and types of seats licensed
  • Number of systems for automated data integration
  • Duration of the contract

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Adaptive Insights Packages

Planning & Analytics

The Planning & Analytics package includes everything you need to adopt an active planning process. This includes budgeting, forecasting, management and ad hoc reporting and analytics, variance analysis, process management, transaction management, OfficeConnect board reporting, visual analytics and dashboards, and single sign-on. Standard customer support is also included.


The Planning package includes budgeting, forecasting, management and ad hoc reporting and analytics, variance analysis and process management, transaction management, and single sign-on. This Planning package can later be upgraded to add OfficeConnect board reporting, Discovery Professional visual analytics and dashboards. Standard customer support is also included.

Sales Quota & Capacity Planning

The Sales Quota & Capacity package includes top-down allocation of corporate targets, bottom-up staffing models, what-if scenarios, visual analytics and dashboards, reporting, and single signon; integrates the sales plans with financial plans.

Product Options


Consolidation accelerates the financial consolidation processes, allowing users to review and analyze their data faster. It enables consolidating data from multiple General Ledger sources, intercompany eliminations, journal entry management, partial ownership, reclassifications, and close process task management to automate your processes, and financial and management reporting on the consolidated results.

Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise Analytics expands visual analytics by enabling the inclusion of operational data from across the enterprise, beyond planning and consolidated financials, in dashboards. Intuitive visual dashboards and interactive analysis allows broad sharing of business metrics across your users and stakeholders to quickly understand opportunities and determine the best course of action.


Integration enables automated integration with ERP, CRM, HCM, databases and other enterprise applications, located both in the cloud and on premises. Connectors can be provided to virtually any system or database and may be deployed at any time during or after implementation. Connectors may be added individually or customers may choose an unlimited option.

Sales Territory Management

This package is an optional add-on to Sales Quota & Capacity Planning. It adds territory management, including territory segmentation and optimization, territory assignment, and data integration with CRM and marketing automation systems.

Planning Domains

A planning domain is a self-contained model that includes all elements necessary to plan, report, and analyze a business, or a specific functional area of a business, such as sales. This capability enables companies to set up, link together, and manage multiple Adaptive Insights planning domains for an integrated, comprehensive model of the business comprised of multiple autonomous or semi-autonomous organizations.

Adaptive Insights may be deployed on a single-domain basis (one domain for the entire company or organization), or on a multi-domain basis (multiple domains for different independent functions or entities within the corporation). One of the packages above would be selected for each instance desired.

Seat Types

Adaptive Insights has two seat types: full seats and view seats

Full Seat

Full seat users can access and configure all aspects of Adaptive Insights. Customer administrators can grant access to full seat users in any way they desire. Full seat users can act as finance model builders, security administrators, and/or as business users. This makes it easy and cost-effective for finance teams to have a large number of power users in the system while also empowering business partners with exactly the permissions needed for powerful data entry, collaboration, reporting, and analytics capabilities.

View Seat

View seats are used to enable broad, organization-wide visibility into an active planning process and business performance metrics and reports. View seats can view plans, reports, and dashboards and create personal reports and personal dashboards. (Note that Discovery Professional dashboards are available with the Planning & Analytics package.)

Product & Customer Support

All packages include Standard customer support as part of a subscription. We also offer additional support options for customers. The complete set of support options are detailed on our customer support page.

Contract Duration

Subscription licenses are available for one year or for multiple years.

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