Adaptive Insights' award-winning cloud BI and CPM suite is incredibly affordable and provides exceptional value — with a total cost of ownership that's up to 75% lower than traditional alternatives. Adaptive Insights products are licensed on a subscription basis, with prices based on the following:
  • Products
  • Number of instances
  • Options
  • Number and type of seats licensed
  • Connectors
  • Duration of the contract


The Adaptive Suite includes Adaptive Planning, Adaptive Consolidation, and Adaptive Discovery, with capabilities for budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, financial consolidation, and business intelligence. Each product is an individual solution that stands on its own, or is used together with the rest of the Adaptive Suite.


An Adaptive Insights instance is a self-contained model that includes all elements necessary to perform financial consolidations, plan, report, and analyze a business, or a specific functional area, such as sales. The multiple instance capability enables companies to set up, link together, and manage multiple Adaptive Insights instances, and coordinate planning, consolidation, and reporting among multiple autonomous organizations. 

Adaptive Insights may be deployed on a single-instance basis (one instance for the entire company or organization), or on a multi-instance basis (multiple instances for different independent functions or entities within the corporation).


Adaptive Discovery

Adaptive Discovery is available in two editions. Adaptive Discovery Professional provides dashboards and analytics on Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation data. Adaptive Discovery Enterprise expands Adaptive Discovery further with the inclusion of data from across the enterprise, beyond planning and consolidated financials. Intuitive visual dashboards and interactive analysis allows business users to quickly understand opportunities and determine the best course of action.

Adaptive OfficeConnect

Adaptive OfficeConnect makes creating reports in Microsoft Office incredibly easy. Connect your existing Excel reports to Adaptive Insights, or create new, presentation-quality reports from a blank slate. With Adaptive OfficeConnect, reports can be refreshed with a single click. There’s no need to manually re-key, copy, paste, or reformat after each update. And with full connectivity across Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, your data flows from financial reports, to board books, to management presentations.

Transaction Reporting and Analysis

Transaction reporting and analysis provides a way for companies to improve their corporate performance management with tight integration of transaction-level detail from other enterprise applications, located both on-premises and in the cloud. Users can drill down into underlying transaction detail from summary values in plans and reports, making business managers more autonomous and efficient in understanding their variances, and freeing finance and accounting for higher value-added activities.

Process Management

Process management includes workflow that allows users to automatically manage plan submission and approval processes. As department managers complete their plans, they can submit them to their managers for approval. Process management also includes process tracker that provides powerful process and task management capabilities.


Authentication provides SAML based single sign-on, enabling seamless access from enterprise identity management systems such as Okta.

Seat Types

There are five available seat types: Administrative, Standard, Analysis, Report Only, and View Only.

Seat Types by Product
Planning Administrative Standard Analysis Report Only -
Consolidation Administrative Standard - Report Only -
Discovery Administrative Standard - - View Only


Administrative Users (Planning, Consolidation, Discovery)

Administrators can access and configure all aspects of Adaptive Insights products. They have the ability to restrict any user’s access to specific functions and data with the user’s unique permission profile.

Standard Users (Planning, Consolidation, Discovery)

Standard users are given controlled access to data and functionality within Adaptive Insights products. Administrators can grant various and different access to standard users, depending on the users’ roles, responsibilities, and needs.

Analysis Users (Planning)

Analysis users can create and view dashboards and reports, can participate in workflow, and can review (but not edit) data from sheets. This seat type includes less capability than planning Standard users (who do have the ability to edit data from sheets), but more capability than planning Report Only users (who do not have the ability to view sheets). Access can include Adaptive Discovery for planning and consolidation.

Report Only Users (Planning)

Report Only users can create and view dashboards and reports, and can participate in workflow, but they cannot access sheets or enter or edit data. Managers and executives who participate in planning as reviewers, but who do not enter data, are likely to be Report Only users. Access can include Adaptive Discovery for planning and consolidation.

View Only Users (Discovery)

View Only users can view charts and dashboards, but cannot create or modify them.


Adaptive connectors are part of a full range of integration options for general ledgers and other enterprise applications. Connectors provide advanced integration capabilities beyond the standard import and export functionality. Connectors enable automated data integration between Adaptive Insights and other enterprise systems, located both in the cloud and on-premises. Connectors are available for the most common source systems and databases, and may be deployed at any time during or after implementation. Click here to read more about data integration options and connectors.

Contract Duration

Subscription licenses are available for one year, or for multiple years.

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