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Improve NetSuite reporting and financial planning

Tightly integrate NetSuite Financials transactional data with budgets, reports, and dashboards

One source of truth for all finance and business data

NetSuite is the primary source of accounting transactions and is the system of record for historical data. But what about managing future growth and improving performance? Companies shouldn't have to compromise and sacrifice the benefits of the cloud to do their budgeting, planning, and reporting.

Our easy, powerful, and fast software lets you get the best from enterprise resource planning and corporate performance management-all in the cloud. You can instantly drill through to a NetSuite transactional record from an Adaptive Insights budget, model, report, or dashboard to see exactly where the data came from. Improve the transparency and reliability of your plans with version control.

Easy self-service NetSuite reporting and dashboards with real-time data

You and your team should spend more time gaining strategic insights from analyzing reports, instead of spending all your time building them. Drag-and-drop self-service reporting lets both novice and expert users visualize and track your financial and operational performance using real-time data from NetSuite. Refresh reports with a single click. What used to take hours or days to produce now takes only minutes or even seconds.

Stop using outdated spreadsheets and wondering if you are working with the right numbers. It's hard to build trust with obsolete or uncertain data. Instead, easily build shared KPI dashboards so you can monitor financial progress together with your stakeholders.

Tightly integrated software managed by the business, not IT

The NetSuite connection with Adaptive Insights is fast, reliable, and flexible. That means your data will always be fresh and available and will conform to the data standards you set.

The data connection is designed to be maintained and managed by you and your team without the need for IT to make adjustments. This frees up resources and lets you develop a more active planning process that is more agile and less static.

See why 850+ NetSuite customers rely on us for their reporting and financial planning.

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Five Ways to Get More from NetSuite with Adaptive Insights

Hear how Nathan Taylor, Vice President of FP&A at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, uses Adaptive Insights together with NetSuite to improve operational reporting accuracy and transparency across their 64 chapters.

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How Adaptive Insights Improves NetSuite Reporting and Planning

Exporting data out of your NetSuite ERP system into Excel for analysis just doesn't cut it. Learn how the Adaptive Suite extends the power of NetSuite to provide you with a complete financial management solution.


There is no better budgeting, planning, and analytics suite to compliment NetSuite ERP.

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