Partner Accreditation Program Overview

Adaptive Insights offers our Services and Solution Provider Partners the opportunity to achieve accreditation, which means they have attained expertise and achievement through training, certification, and successful customer implementations. Our goal is to have a vibrant, high quality partner ecosystem to assist Adaptive Insights customers with the successful implementation of Adaptive Insights’.  The Partner Accreditation program supports this mission by helping ensure skilled partners with a track record of quality implementations.

Customers can rest assure that if a partner is accredited the partner has a commitment to insuring their staff is trained on the latest software releases and that they have validated implementation success. This is a key component in our mission to ensure our partners are delivering world class customer success. Additional information about our Accreditation levels can be found below.

Accreditation Level Number of Certified Consultants Number of Verified Successful Customer References
Accredited 2-5 1-5
Preferred 6-15 11-20
Premiere >15 >20


In addition, Solution Provider Partners are required to maintain a level of authorization determined by a minimum number of certified staff and revenue.

Certified Staff Requirements (Solution Providers): 

Level Customer Support Certified Staff Customer Success Certified Staff Sales Certified Staff Product and Implementation Certified Staff
Silver 1 1 1 2
Gold 2 2 2
Platinum 3 3 3 5

Example of accreditation badge you want to look for when selecting an Adaptive Insights Accredited Partner:


Accredited Partners:

Level Accredited Preferred Premier

Services Partner

Solution Provider - Silver  


Solution Provider - Gold

Solution Provider - Platinum  




Partners must maintain the required number of certifications and validated implementations at each annual revalidation to remain approved at their accreditation level.

Check our Partner Locator and search under Accreditation Partners for a complete list available here.
If you have any questions regarding this program or a Partner participating in our program, please email