Early Adopter

Experience the new 2018.1 release in production!

As an Early Adopter participant, you will receive the latest enhancements to Adaptive Discovery, Adaptive Planning, Adaptive Consolidation, Adaptive Integration, and OfficeConnect ahead of general availability. Begin using all the new features several weeks before the official release.

The Early Adopter program offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Access the new features and functionality ahead of general availability
  • Engage directly with the product management team through scheduled feedback forums
  • Learn tips and tricks to help you take advantage of the new features 
  • Contribute feedback and suggestions regarding the early adopter software and program

​​​​​​​Early Adopter Login

You will be given early access to the new release on December 9th. Existing Early Adopter participants can log in with their existing credentials. Early Adopter participants who requested a demo or sandbox instance, please follow the login instructions provided in your email.

OfficeConnect Login

Use the link here to download and install the Early Adopter 2018.1 version of Adaptive OfficeConnect. Once installed, you will see a new option in your “Adaptive Insights” folder with Early Adopter versions of all three products. Click on this link to launch the Early Adopter version.

Excel Interface for Planning Login

Use the link here to download and install the Early Adopter version of Adaptive Excel Interface for Planning. Once installed, you will see a new tab in the ribbon in Excel called “PLANNING.” Click on this tab in the ribbon to log in. Working in Your Model Please perform your routine activities and tasks and report any feedback using the submission forms below.

We're happy to announce the Adaptive Insights 2018.1 early adopter release.  The Adaptive Insights 2018.1 release enables you and your teams to work faster and smarter with enhanced visual analytics, expanded consolidation features, and integration capabilities that enrich your Adaptive Insights data.

Modeling and Reporting

New filtering options in Excel help you quickly find the data you're looking for in modeled sheets and manage large modeled sheets that include multiple rows with ease.
Keep up to three OfficeConnect workbooks open at once without having to save or close another one.
After you modify your view of sheets, return to your original view with one click.

Give your currencies unique names and descriptions, and define the associated exchange rate. This improves your ability to consolidate and plan across multiple currencies with more flexibility and greater precision. Use different rate sets for the same currency when required, for example.


Use Global Dashboard Time to apply the same time settings to all dashboards in a perspective with a couple of clicks. Pin and unpin a chart from a perspective-level time setting to see it with a different time setting. Compare your metrics and KPIs across different time periods. Time can be displayed in any increment that is defined in your planning calendar, whether that's monthly, weekly, or daily.

View your top and bottom performers for any data set. Sort the data in ascending and descending order when either viewing or editing a chart. And quickly see your top or bottom performers by filtering the sorted data.

Immediately see any data that is outside the norm with conditional formatting on charts.

Create ad-hoc calculations on charts. For example, if your chart displays inventory data, create a metric for inventory turns or for employee turnover if your chart has HR data.


Enter initial balances in multiple currencies with currency-tagged splits. This eliminates the need to use multiple historical rates to compute initial balances in each currency.
You can now submit workflow for actuals data. This is useful for customers that use Consolidation, but will also be available to all Adaptive Insights customers.


Keep your dimensions always in sync with your underlying data sources. The new dimension bulk update API and dimension metadata loader in Integration make it easy for automating updates to your dimension values and dimension hierarchy.

Providing Feedback on the New Release

As an Early Adopter program participant, you have a variety of ways to provide feedback.

Email: Leverage the form to the right.

Live Feedback Sessions: Attend any of our feedback sessions throughout Early Adopter process.

Chat on Adaptive Torchbearers: Engage in the conversation and share your insights on this release on our Torchbearers site. Adaptive Torchbearers is our VIP customer program to recognize and reward customers for helping us build better products and grow. Torchbearers provides an easy way to connect with Adaptive on a range of activities: sharing feedback, learning through webinars, participating in the Early Adopter software release programs, and more.

Help and Support

Should you need assistance at any time, Adaptive Support is here to advise you. For product use and functionality questions, please use the 'Report A Bug or Technical Issue' form on the right OR contact the Adaptive Insights support team: support@adaptiveinsights.com.

For reporting a bug, please check the requirements in the section on the right. For general questions please use the Usability Feedback & General Suggestions form on the right OR contact: EarlyAdopterFeedback@adaptiveinsights.com. For training questions, please contact Training@adaptiveinsights.com Report a Bug or Technical Issue Contact Support: If a feature doesn't work the way you expect or you're experiencing technical issues, submit the form below to contact our Support Team directly. Please provide as much information as you can. After you submit the form, you will receive an automated confirmation email with a ticket number. Our expert Support Team will respond as quickly as they are able.

Customers participating in the Early Adopter Programs:

Dec 11
Early Adopter Kick-Off and Training
Dec 20
Feedback Session #1

Partners participating in the Early Adopter Programs:

May 23

Feedback & Usability

To provide usability feedback and suggestions please contact EarlyAdopterFeedback@adaptiveinsights.com
To report a bug or technical issue please submit a bug report here. Please include that you are an EA customer.

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Here’s how Adaptive Torchbearers works:

  • We’ll give you an easy way to connect with Adaptive and peers on a variety of activities such as learning webinars, sharing feedback, and more
  • Along the way there will be rewards that show our appreciation for your participation
  • We want this to be fun too, so we are using a points system as ‘currency’ for rewards

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