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South Central A/V Modernizes Finance

Better forecasting capabilities and organization-wide accountability generate strategic insights

Now with the model in the cloud, we can bring more people in the process and that has made our forecast much more accurate and therefore our budget much more accurate.

Harry Vasels, Chief Financial Officer

  • South Central A/V is a provider of media, interactive, sensory, and system solutions and services to create an integrated customer experience for businesses. Recently, the Nashville, Tennessee-based company has added new products and services. The result? A very different organization that requires modernized financial budgeting and planning processes and tools to support its new growth. Now, with Adaptive Planning in place, the cloud-based financial planning and analysis solution makes it much easier for finance leaders to work with colleagues across the business, improve credibility and communication, and get more stakeholders involved in corporate performance. Creating a financial model in Adaptive Planning containing real-time data, historical data, and the company forecast has been particularly beneficial for modeling scenarios. It helps South Central A/V executives to gain strategic insights when making decisions about what new services to launch and what new business segments to enter.


    • Improving forecasting and budgeting accuracy
    • Involving more stakeholders across the organization in financial processes
    • Demand to incorporate more predictive what-if analysis for decision-making


    • Easily engaging more people across the organization in planning, forecasting and accountability for financial results
    • Leveraging powerful financial modeling capabilities for what-if analysis to guide business decisions
    • Accurate budgeting and forecasting data enabling continuous, active planning for operations, hiring, capital, expenses, and revenues.
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    South Central A/V offers state-of-the-art audio visual solutions, including a full range of media, interactive, sensory, and system solutions, to create an integrated customer experience to business of all sizes, across all industries.
    Nashville, TN
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