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We can now focus on presenting management with most strategic data as KPI dashboards, and more long-term outlook scenarios. We are providing more added value to management than we ever could have before.

Adi Zaidel, Corporate FP&A Manager, Perion

  • Companies need to do more than navigate through uncharted territory—they also need to thrive. For Perion, a global performance-based media and internet company, that meant shifting its "counting beans" financial management to tracking key metrics and understanding business drivers. With Adaptive Insights, the finance team elevated its role; rather than solely creating requested reports, finance proactively built what-if scenarios, designed new models, and delved into new KPI tracking dashboards. As Perion continues to grow, the ability to quickly process data fuels faster decision-making in a dynamic industry.


    • As a publicly traded company, Perion desired reporting capabilities that incorporated analyst guidelines
    • Too much time spent on collecting data, reconciling with accounting, and preparing GAAP and non-GAAP reporting
    • Measuring and understanding core business drivers and KPIs across the company


    • More time to invest in creating and analyzing long-term planning scenarios
    • Visualization of business performance as KPI dashboards to help line-of-business managers set and track goals and targets
    • Increased forecasting accuracy despite volatile revenue streams  
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    Perion Network provides online publishers and app developers advanced technology and intelligent, data-driven solutions to monetize its applications and content while expanding its reach to larger audiences.

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