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From a professional perspective, it gives us more time to sit back and analyze what the data is telling us versus just reporting on the data, getting the information last minute, and having to run to the next meeting and report on the numbers. It actually gives us a couple days to sit back and ask, ‘what is the data telling us?’

Tammy Bieter, Senior Financial Planning Manager, FP&A

  • Hightail knows the cloud. In fact, it makes the business of file sharing and storage possible. The cloud platform technology also bolsters financial performance management. Manually importing information into a spreadsheet took hours, which made Hightail’s data prone to errors and reduced the time for analysis. Adaptive Insights performance solutions moved data beyond the numbers. With a touch of a button, Adaptive Insights’ cloud-based software seamlessly imported data with Netsuite and other sources. Flexibility to conduct various types of reporting and accessibility to data—all driven by cloud-based tools—changed how Hightail moves the company forward.


    • Spent hours manually importing data into a spreadsheet
    • Last-minute reporting reduced time to analyze data
    • Import data from other sources


    • Cloud platform supports seamless integration of NetSuite data and other software sources
    • Ability to conduct more reporting, including  comparison of actuals against forecasted data
    • Monthly close process reduced  from four days to less than a day
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    Founded in 2004, Hightail was working in the cloud before the term was even coined. At first the service was a simple way to send the large attachments that email couldn't process, but has since grown to offer robust online sharing, storage ,and file management capabilities. Today, the company serves more than 40 million registered users across 193 countries and 98% of the Fortune 500.
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