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  • As more overseas brewers entered the Central America market, Compañía Cervecera de Nicaragua sought a deeper understanding of competitive drivers. The beverage manufacturer needed a financial management solution that could do more than crunch numbers. The intuitive interface within the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud has helped the team to not only better manage budgets and forecasts,  but also analyze raw materials, imported goods, payroll, and other key performance indicators at a more detailed level than ever before. Moving forward with greater visibility, Compañía Cervecera de Nicaragua now has the data-driven edge it needs to stay ahead in a global business landscape.


    • Spreadsheet-based process required IT support to manage budgeting and forecasting data
    • Lacked real-time visibility into business or market economic changes
    • Frequent errors in cash flow forecasting


    • Eliminated IT dependence, spreadsheet risks, and 80 weeks of data aggregation and integration
    • Can efficiently analyze performance of specific business drivers to make more informed, strategic business decisions
    • Increased productivity, enabling cross-functional team to spend more time meeting with customers and improving operational performance
  • About:
    CCN has produced high quality beer for more than 80 years, and today is the largest brewery in Nicaragua. With automated processes and modern technology like flash pasteurization, CCN is one of the most technologically advanced and modern breweries in Latin America.
    Managua, Nicaragua

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Staying Ahead of the Competition

“Ten years ago in Central America, each country had its own domestic brewer. Now international brewers are coming in, so we have more competitors and need to focus more on our customers and operations,” said Chamorro, explaining that Adaptive Insights has helped CCN more deeply understand the business drivers that are mission critical to the brewer’s success. “Adaptive Insights helps us quickly analyze economic or business changes in our market, and the impact that those changes have to our financial performance. We know right away how changes in demand, costs of raw materials or imported goods, increases in payroll, or interest rate and currency fl uctuations affect our business. This helps us make the big decisions that keep us in front of competitors.”

A Barrel of Difference with Adaptive Insights

“As our business grew and continues to grow today, our finance processes became more complex,” said Chamorro. “Before Adaptive Insights, we had to start reformatting spreadsheets to get them into our SAP ERP system, which was far too time-consuming and required a lot of effort from finance and IT. Also, we were seeing more frequent errors in cash fl ow forecasting, like mixing up revenue streams and price changes because we have so many different products. Essentially, spreadsheets were becoming too risky to use for our business planning.”

Today using Adaptive Insights, Chamorro describes a much smoother financial process for CCN.

“We can update or change financial projections according to market conditions more quickly, and then create new scenario models and reports within hours of those changes,” Chamorro explained. “In the past, that would have taken at least a week to complete.”

Adaptive Insights Partner Analitikal Introduces CCN to the Cloud

Things changed for CCN when Analitikal, an Adaptive Insights partner and CCN’s consulting firm, suggested that the brewer try Adaptive Insights to help alleviate any process ineffciencies or data inaccuracies.

“I saw Adaptive Insights for the first time when Analitikal demoed it for us,” Chamorro recalled. “Analitikal did a great job of highlighting how Adaptive Insights could model our business, how intuitive the experience is for managing budgets and forecasts, how it would work with our SAP ERP. I knew then that Adaptive Insights was right for us.”

Within three months, CCN had fully implemented Adaptive Insights with the help of Analitikal. Chamorro and his finance team immediately began noticing significant benefits.

Data Integrity, Integration Lead to 80 Weeks of Time-Savings In and Out of Finance Department

“Adaptive Insights has helped us integrate our data and maintain its integrity much better than we were ever able to before,” Chamorro said. “We can translate all of our work into sheets that clearly display cost drivers of our business - like pallets moved that affect our logistics budget, or hectoliter produce that determines our demand for raw material and purchasing costs, and beer cases sold that determine sales commission calculations that impact our overall personnel payroll budget.” Today, 40 managers across CCN use Adaptive Insights, and each one has cut their time spent integrating and verifying data. “With Adaptive Insights, we’ve liberated a staggering 80 weeks of time across the team that used to be spent on preparing budgets. Now the team can use this time on more strategic activities, like meeting with customers and improving operational performance,” said Chamorro.

CCN managers are also using that time-savings to take advantage of other, more sophisticated features within Adaptive Insights.“We’re doing ‘what-if’ analysis of revenue streams, costs, and market conditions across our different product groups,” Chamorro said. “These added details are helping us make smarter decisions related to which products we should continue to fund, increase funding for, or discontinue funding entirely.”

“We’re reviewing how we can apply decisions based on data visualization and then build some indicators and metrics that can help our operations department,” Chamorro said. “We’ve already mapped out what different department managers and line-of-business managers want to track, so we’re going to create visual analytics dashboards for them within Adaptive Insights for Finance so they can get information on KPIs on-demand and react more quickly to any changing business conditions.”

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