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Embrace Active Planning With the Only Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software That is Easy, Powerful, and Fast

The Adaptive Suite is cloud-based corporate performance management software (also known as enterprise performance management or EPM software) that delivers incredibly intuitive budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, and dashboards. Designed for business users and accessible from anywhere, our CPM software solution helps you visualise performance, plan effectively, and monitor results.
EPM Software: Example of a P&L statement template in Adaptive Planning.

Maximise Your Visibility Into Plans, Forecasts, Revenue, Expenses, and Headcount

Manual spreadsheets and processes simply don’t cut it anymore. They create risk and drain valuable productivity. Adaptive Insights has helped thousands of organisations worldwide transform their balance sheet and cash flow plans, revenue forecasts, headcount analysis, budgets, and expense plans, so that they’re agile, responsive, and reliable.

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EPM Software: Example of a P&L statement template in Adaptive Planning.

The Power to Plan Effectively, Continuously—and 70% Faster

With Adaptive Planning, you can finally trust your budgeting, planning, modeling, and forecasting process to drive results. Eliminate risk with centralized data, plans, and models. Accelerate planning using workflows so that everyone is on task. Deliver intuitive web-based planning sheets to engage your managers. Achieve real self-service for finance and business users—finally.

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EPM Software: Example of a P&L statement template in Adaptive Planning.

KPI Dashboards That Give Everyone Instant Insight Into the Past, Present, and Future

By monitoring the metrics that matter, Adaptive Discovery KPI dashboards make it incredibly easy for your managers to see how they are performing. Powerful financial intelligence and analytics let you instantly visualise variances, drill down into their causes, and even take action by re-planning and forecasting. It's all connected to the same data source, so data is always accurate and up to date.

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EPM software with excel, powerpoint and word integration

Financial and Management Reporting That’s Incredibly Easy to Use and Always Up to Date

No more copying and pasting, no more reporting delays—just always up-to-date reports, accessible from anywhere. With Adaptive Reporting, anyone can build the financial reports they need just by dragging and dropping within a browser with a pivot table-style interface. Or use Adaptive OfficeConnect to combine our cloud-based CPM platform with Microsoft Office and deliver beautifully updated and accurate reports, presentations, and board books in minutes, not hours (or days).

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EPM software with excel, powerpoint and word integration

Real-Time Financial Consolidation That Accelerates Your Financial Close

Automate more, reduce risk, and close faster with powerful, built-in accounting intelligence. Adaptive Consolidation empowers accounting by simplifying journal entry management, automating reclassifications, and speeding intercompany eliminations and financial reports. Cut time and waste by validating data manually. And since the Adaptive Suite shares a common data platform, you can move from financial close to budgeting simply with one click.

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Created for the Cloud. Performance, Collaboration, and Integration—Built Right into the Core

The Adaptive Insights corporate performance management suite is purposely-built on a powerful cloud computing platform, with a modern in-memory calculation engine.  Our highly scalable and secure architecture and infrastructure delivers consistent performance to our customers who require real-time analytics, powerful visualizations, and want to minimise the need for IT support and management. Users can collaborate from anywhere—via web, mobile, and with our Microsoft Excel Interface for Planning. Our Adaptive Integration framework lets business users easily integrate the Adaptive Suite with your ERP, CRM, or HCM data sources such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Intacct, and MS Dynamics.

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The only unified planning, reporting, and analytics suite of EPM software built for the cloud.

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