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CPM Integration

Easily Connect to ERP, CRM, and Other Data Sources for Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Planning and Reporting

The pace of change makes it difficult to successfully model, forecast, and analyse your business if you haven't automated how data moves from your transactional systems to your planning tools. Manually pulling, massaging, and importing CSV and worksheets doesn't scale. Adaptive Insights' integration capabilities empower you and your team to automate data flows so you spend more time understanding and analysing data, not shuffling it from place to place. With Adaptive Insights' integration framework, you can reduce your risk of error, free up time from low-value-added tasks, and accelerate your month- and quarter-end reporting cycles.
First West

The Adaptive Insights integration framework has significantly enriched our planning and reporting processes. Automation of integration between our source systems and Adaptive Insights has helped us increase the timeliness and frequency of reporting to our business users, while reducing error risk.

Michael Lapierre, First West Credit Union

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Automated integration takes the risk and error out of pulling large data sets

Get More Insights Faster

Automated data flows give you consistent and reliable access to source data from your customer relationship management system, enterprise resource planning system, or whatever transactional system your business depends on. Data in your model and reports is up-to-date and accurate. You don't need to worry if you uploaded the right CSV file or if someone broke a formula in one of the hundreds of spreadsheets you used to consolidate. Because the data is coming directly from the source, you know you are working with the real numbers. This frees up your team to add more value through analysis, inquiry, and gaining insight into your business.

Integrate transactional data with your planning system and manage it from Finance, not IT

Take Control of Your Data

Adaptive Insights' approach to integration empowers you and your team, not just IT, to manage and maintain your data in the platform. Our click-not-code approach for calculations and transformations is fast and easy to use. Just use the same formulas and maths you rely on every day-there's no need to write code. It's fast and easy to test and visualise your source data in a staging area before loading it into your models. And you can combine data from multiple source systems to give you a more complete picture.

Designed for You and Your Team

Unlike other general-purpose business intelligence (BI) tools, our integration capabilities were designed and built for planning. We make it easy to extract, transform, and load (ETL) scenarios and integrate the data with your models, forecasts, and dashboards so you can focus on driving corporate performance. We provide purpose-built transformations and business rules for planning environments.

With Faster Time to Value

With an easy-to-use integration platform designed with you in mind, your implementations will be faster than if you try to manage your data manually or use general-purpose ETL tools managed by other departments. That will give you a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster time to value and insights. It also will reduce your total cost of ownership to set up and manage your integrations.

Integrate EPM with your transactional data systems and ERP

Open APIs for Integration via Third-Party Solutions

We enable you to leverage third-party integration tools in addition to our own integration capabilities. We expose a rich set of public application program interfaces (APIs) that are open and standards-based (REST). Using these APIs, you and your partners can implement custom data solutions using third-party integration tools. APIs can enable you to import actuals and transactions data into Adaptive Insights while exporting budgets, plans, and forecasts back to external systems, including BI and reporting systems.

Standard and Custom Data Sources. In the Cloud and On-Prem. No Problem

We've successfully completed more than 1,500 integrations across 150-plus different source systems including Oracle, SAP, Oracle + NetSuite, Sage Intacct, MS Dynamics (Great Plains),, Deltek Vision, Epicor, Sage, Workday, Plex, Multiview, and many more. Our platform works seamlessly with cloud-based, on-premises, and file-based applications.

We understand that every business has a unique set of requirements and needs for how its data should behave in its planning system. Our professional services team has deep expertise to support companies of any size, in any industry, meet their data requirements for the most sophisticated and complex scenarios, and ensure success. Whatever you need, we're ready to help.

Take your planning to the next level with tightly integrated source data.

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