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With Added Level of Financial Detail, Kindred at Home Keeps Pace With Changing Healthcare Landscape

Healthcare Organisation Streamlines FP&A Process via Adaptive Suite, Maintains Focus on Patient Care

Being in the healthcare industry, we understand that we are going to have to do more with less. That will be healthcare’s mantra for the foreseeable future. Adaptive Insights is one of those tools that will allow us to accomplish that mission. Not only doing more with less resources internally, but also allowing us to acquire other organisations and give them that added level of sophistication quickly and efficiently.

Brandon Bellow, SVP of Operational Finance

  • The shifting healthcare industry landscape has led to a new mantra for providers: do more with less. New regulations have reshaped the healthcare business model, pushing home care providers like Gentiva Health Services to rely more heavily on analytics when creating financial plans, budgets, and guiding the future direction of the business. Gentiva needed a new budgeting, planning and analytics solution that streamlines the FP&A process without disrupting the focus on quality patient care. Rather than cut resources, Gentiva’s finance team  identified new ways to grow the business and effectively navigate through the ever-changing healthcare industry.



    • On-premises budgeting and planning software failed to meet the needs of a home healthcare organisation
    • Difficult to rollup financial figures using spreadsheets
    • Complicated financial management tools prolonged the budgeting process


    • Non-financial managers easily navigate the Adaptive Suite and have become proponents of using the solution
    • Accessibility through cloud software enabled managers to create forecasts specific to their local markets
    • Finance employees can easily build acquisition models suited for the healthcare industry and quickly create financial statements
  • About:
    The Gentiva family of companies has been bringing great healthcare home for 40 years. Each year, Gentiva provides home care services to more than 350,000 patients from more than 490 community locations nationwide. Full range of clinical services includes skilled nursing, disease and pain management, and hospice services, including help with physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
    Atlanta, GA

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The Challenge

Like many organisations that are built through acquisitions, Gentiva had several tools being used for budget planning and reporting.  It had 400 locations across the country, and the process of budgeting was a long and arduous one.  End users were frustrated with the length of time it took to complete their budgets, rollups had a variety of rules that had to be incorporated which added to the complexity, and there was a high level of dissatisfaction overall with the entire process.

The Strategy

Gentiva began its due diligence in 2012,and evaluated a number of solutions including Adaptive Planning and Oracle. One of its acquisitions had been using Adaptive, and the success of that implementation helped drive the decision. The company ultimately selected Adaptive Insightsfor a number of reasons including:

  • Gentiva found that Adaptive had been proven in one division already, and had provided the usability and flexibility it was looking for.
  • Adaptive's cloud delivery model would enable Gentivato reduce significant capital investment and long implementation time, and would also give the company the flexibility to grow by adding new offices and userswith no additional IT investment.
  • The ease of use of Adaptivereduced training requirements, improved engagement, and made deployment much simpler.  
  • Adaptive's pricing could be bundled into the operational budget.

Gentiva began its implementation of Adaptive Planning in 2012 and began its phased-in deployment with its Home Health division. The deployment took only three months, and was very successful. Over the next year, the other divisions came on board in quick succession.  This upcoming budget year will be the first with the entire company using Adaptive for its budgeting process, and it is already proving successful.  Everyone in the organisation is now using Adaptive for budget planning – providing a holistic view of the entire organisation that was never available before.  Users are reporting significant time savings, and the process has reduced workloads by more than two months for the finance team.  

Key Benefit Areas

Deploying Adaptive Planning has enabled Gentivato improve visibility, increase engagement of its budget managers, and reduce the complexity of its budget process.

Key benefits of the project include:

  • Increased budget manager productivity.  With the previous implementations, the budget managers found the process frustrating and time consuming.  There were several rollup rules that complicated things and the interface was difficult.  As the frustration levels increased, they looked to the regional financial team to take on much of the ownership of the budget process.  Now with Adaptive, the engagement level of the branch managers has greatly increased and they've taken ownership of the process, significantly reducing the time allocation of the regional team. As a result, there has been an increase in the branch managers' productivity and visibility into the process.  
  • Increased Finance Director and Finance AVP productivity. Prior to having Adaptive, much of the consolidation and validation of the budgets across the company became the responsibility of the finance director and the Regional AVP.  With the implementation of Adaptive Planning, the level of effort has been reduced from five months to three.
  • Increased visibility.  Prior to Adaptive, there were several tools being used for budget and planning purposes at Gentiva.  Now, the entire company has a complete understanding and view of the entire process, as well as a consistent view across the organisation.
  • Reduced and eliminated software and consulting costs.  With the elimination of its previous solutions, Gentiva was able to reduce the cost of software, as well as the need for consulting to support those systems.  It was able to reallocate staff that supported the systems to other business initiatives with Gentiva.

Best Practices

As one of Gentiva's divisions already had Adaptive Planning implemented, the finance team was able to leverage those previous experiences.  As Adaptive wasto be the corporate standard for all of Gentiva, the finance team developed a full project plan, and ensured the CFO had all the information and was behind the initiative.  The team also developed a layout of the model and the calculations they wanted to see, to make sure the implementation team was up to speed at the beginning.  

Another best practice recommended by the team is to ensure the definition of an organizational structure in the beginning.  This is critical to the success of a planning and budget model, and while is easy to do at the start, does present challenges when trying to implement those levels of changes while the budget process is in motion.  As well, it is important to define naming conventions and metrics early on, so there is consensus and consistency throughout.

Calculating the ROI

Nucleus quantified the initial and ongoing costs of software license subscription fees, personnel time to implement and support the application, employee training time, and consulting over a 3-year period to calculate Gentiva's total investment in Adaptive Planning.

Direct benefits quantified included the elimination of Oracle Hyperion license fees, consulting costs, and re-allocation of staff to other projects. Indirect benefits quantified included the increased productivity in the finance team, IT, and of the budget managers driven by the elimination of the previous solution, and the deployment of Adaptive Planning, and were calculated based on the average annual fully loaded cost of the employees.

Not quantified were the additional efficiencies and savings Gentiva will gain from Adaptive Planning as it expands its use of the application.

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