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Versatile Driver-Based Models Boost Insight for Financial Services Firm IMC

Deeper Data Visibility Sparks Strategies Involving Revenue-Impacting KPIs

You learn a lot more about the business when you look at the KPIs and how they vary to your budget, rather than just looking at numbers alone.

Paul Nowicki, Global Head of Business Planning and Analysis, IMC

  • Data is more than numbers. Wielded effectively, data can spark strategies to drive business growth. That was the challenge facing IMC, a financial services company based in the Netherlands. The global firm needed a performance management solution that communicated beyond the accounting process. Using Adaptive Planning, part of the Adaptive Suite, IMC’s finance team delved into the KPIs that impact revenue and gained deeper insight into the business as a whole.


    • Needed a flexible financial performance management solution for business leaders
    • Excel-based templates lacked ability to make updates in real time
    • Changes to spreadsheets and currency rates required manual consolidation process that was overly time consuming


    • Real-time updates completely eliminated processing time to consolidate data
    • Cloud-based platform allowed for global accessibility, no IT required
    • Improved revenue forecasting and modeling scenarios empowered executive decision-making
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    IMC Group is a privately-held company, founded in Amsterdam in 1989, with two core businesses: financial markets and asset management. IMC Financial Markets is one of the largest market makers in exchange-traded instruments on more than 100 exchanges across the world. IMC Financial Markets is a significant liquidity provider on NYSE Arca, NASDAQ, BATS, CBOE, CME Group, and ICE exchanges, among others. IMC Financial Markets has 25 years of experience in market making and employs more than 400 professionals throughout the company’s Amsterdam, Zug, Chicago, Hong Kong, and Sydney offices. IMC Asset Management, operated independently, is a specialised alternative investment management firm. For more information, visit
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