Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud

Software for People Who Plan

Get business agility in a fast-moving world. Make smarter decisions faster with the world's first business planning cloud. Everybody plans. At Adaptive Insights, we make planning easy.

use the business planning cloud to enable an active planning process for FP&A and the business

Traditional planning is too hard and too slow for today's agile businesses. You need a solution that's easy, powerful, and fast.

Our business planning cloud provides everything you need to plan with agility.

  • Shared insights and seamless collaboration across your organisation
  • Powerful modelling for any size business, yet easy for people to use
  • With the speed to plan continuously using data from all corners of your business

The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud empowers you and your team to better manage your business.

Active Planning For a More Agile Business

Static planning with manual spreadsheets or legacy on-premises solutions doesn't cut it any more. That outdated approach creates risk and eats up productive time. Adaptive Insights gives you the speed to plan continuously, using data from all corners of your business.

Rescue your budgeting, planning, and forecasting from slow and painful manual processes to improve your productivity by more than 70%. Integrate revenue and expense planning, use rolling forecasts, and analyse performance. Model sales capacity, determine quotas, and assign territories. With a cloud-based planning system, you work the way you want to work-on the web, in Excel, or on your mobile device.

Make the move to active planning. With Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud, you can analyse real-time financial, sales, and operational data and continuously apply what you learn to improve your plans. With easy, powerful, and fast analytics, plus reporting and dashboards, you can plan and adapt in real time to drive business success.


Plan Together and Win

Our business planning cloud offers solutions with built-in intelligence for finance and sales teams and is a platform with the power and flexibility to model virtually anything else. Each team creates its own models and plans, which all link together to give you a comprehensive view across your organisation.

Seamless, integrated planning across the enterprise that's easy for everyone to use.
So everyone can plan. Together.
That's how you become an agile business.

Adaptive Insights for Finance

Adaptive Insights for Finance is cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) software that provides everything you need to enable an active financial planning process. Easy to use and accessible from anywhere, our CPM finance software solution empowers you and your team to better manage your business.

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Adaptive Insights for Sales

Adaptive Insights for Sales makes it easy for sales management and operations to make data-driven sales rep capacity, quota, and territory decisions. Quickly and easily optimise resources, increase sales performance, and improve sales predictability. Get a single source of truth by linking your sales and financial plans to align your strategy and execution.

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Functional Planning

We give users the power to flexibly model any kind of functional use or planning domain specific to their function, industry, or geography. We have customers using Adaptive Insights for use cases such as workforce capacity planning, marketing demand generation modeling, and project-based planning. The only real limit is your imagination.