Adaptive Suite 2017.1 Release Overview

Adaptive Suite 2017.1 enriches the active planning process with new features that make it easy to collaborate with business partners. It also adds more powerful modeling and analytics, as well as enhancements for fast reporting and model management.


Visual Model Overview

Visual Model Overview example

Visual Model Overview allows you to quickly grasp your business model, the data flows, and how it all works together in a single view. See a graphical representation of your model that dynamically updates with the version and level you select. Understand the relationships between model building blocks such as sheets, assumptions, and accounts without clicking through multiple pages. Grasp your overall planning process quickly. Enable new administrators to get up to speed with ease and understand your instance in little time.

Process Guide

FP&A Process Guide

With Process Guide, you can easily create step-by-step guides for your users, tailored to their specific roles, with links directly to the location in the business model where their input is required. Make it quick and easy for occasional or new users to participate in each new budget cycle. Ensure that business users complete all the planning steps requiring their attention. Encourage your business users to collaborate on the plan by making the process easy and fast.

This release also offers great new features. Adaptive Insights' vice president of finance, Kerman Lau, shares some of his favorites.


  • Master formula type: for General Ledger and Custom accounts can be used to override all other formulas for items such as year-to-date income/loss in retained earnings or cash flow calculations
  • Advanced Planning formula expressions make models easier to maintain and calculate faster
  • Expanded dependency view: In addition to accounts, now search where levels, dimension values, and attribute values are in use to understand the impact of your changes
  • Bulk structure update: Accounts, levels, and dimensions can be updated in bulk via Excel file upload
  • Modeled sheet import: Download a modeled sheet definition and upload it as a new sheet to streamline copying modeled sheets from sandbox instances to production
  • Dimension attributes can now be used as columns on modeled sheets, making them usable in many more models
  • Expand/collapse is available in all all Shared Formulas hierarchies, in addition to other navigation enhancements


  • Refresh sheets with the latest planning data–without losing your pending changes
  • Retain Excel formulas in offline Adaptive Planning models and push the resolved number to the server
  • Multiple Versions on Sheets is now available in Excel Interface for Planning


  • Report notes can now appear in the right-most report column
  • Reusable reports: Build new reports from components of existing reports
  • Repeating reports in Adaptive OfficeConnect can generate reports for different levels and rollup structures automatically
  • Use find and replace in Adaptive OfficeConnect


  • Limit visible dimensions in data point and dial level drill-downs
  • Select color and leaf-nodes in map dial
  • Use cumulative sum in column, line, and area charts


  • Process Guide: A to-do list for novice or occasional users of Adaptive Planning. The Process Guide includes links directly to the location of the model where their work is required


  • Automatic journal entry reversals
  • Journal entry import


  • Support for Pentaho Kettle version 6.1


  • Force password change on login for new accounts
  • Track user activity

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