As the leading on-demand Corporate Performance Management (CPM) provider, Adaptive Insights recognizes that delivering great software is only part of the equation – we are also committed to delivering top-rated customer service throughout the stages of your life cycle with us. Our Professional Services and Support team brings deep product expertise, best practices knowledge, and practical real-world budgeting, forecasting and reporting experience that is a real asset to our customers. We have completed and support thousands of customer projects across many industries, in companies and nonprofits of all sizes. We strive for excellence and it shows – we are proud to have been ranked #1 in customer satisfaction in industry surveys conducted by both Gartner and BPM Partners.

Adaptive Insights provides a full range of professional services, including:

  • Implementation and Application Consulting. We deliver a range of implementation and ongoing application consulting services designed to fit your organization’s business planning processes, as well as your budget requirements and timeline.

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  • Training. Our customers tell us that the Adaptive Suite is easy to learn, with an intuitive web-based interface that looks and feels like a spreadsheet. Administrator and end-user training is designed so that our customers can be completely self-sufficient. We provide formal classes complemented by open access to product documentation, self-paced videos, no-cost refresher sessions, and new feature training. We also provide customized and advanced expert training and certification.
  • Support. Adaptive Insights' world-class Support team is staffed by highly qualified finance professionals who combine deep application knowledge with strong domain expertise in financial planning and analysis.

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