Adaptive Consolidation

Adaptive Consolidation

Adaptive Consolidation, the premier cloud-based financial consolidation software, has been built on our proven financial modeling engine, with the easy-to-use Adaptive interface. Based on simple and intuitive rule definition, allocations are performed, intercompany eliminations generated, and consolidations finalized live – no batch jobs need to be run or processes submitted. Financial consolidation software enables users to drill down to explore details of consolidated figures.

Financial Consolidation Software

  • Faster, more accurate financial consolidation, close and reporting cycles
  • Know sooner how performance is tracking against expectations
  • Improve visibility, audit and control with financial consolidation software
  • Accelerate reporting cycles to internal and external stakeholders
  • Comply with accounting standards and regulation
  • Drag and drop, self-service reporting via the Web and Office

Use Case Example of Partitioning of Actual Data

Partitioning of Actuals Data

  • Partition actual data for flexible categorization, security
  • Differentiate imported actuals from adjustments
  • View and report on rolled up actuals from all sources with financial consolidation software
  • Easily determine where actual data came from
  • Control what users can see and do with actual data

Example of Intercompany Eliminations Manager

Intercompany Eliminations

  • Simplify with intuitive Elimination Rule Manager
  • View intercompany eliminations in journal-entry format
  • Improve data integrity with eliminations that are always in balance
  • Flexible, date-effective rules for financial consolidation
  • Monitor and manage intercompany eliminations in real-time

Example of Minority Interest Consolidation Percentages

Minority Interest

  • Automate controlling and non-controlling interest consolidations
  • Quickly and easily define consolidation percentages
  • Perform what-if scenario analysis of changes in ownership interest
  • Support IFRS and GAAP ownership change reporting
  • Enforce checks and balances by seeing everything in one place

Allocation Planning

  • Simple, intuitive interface and rules instead of complex formulas
  • Improve accuracy with allocations that are always in balance
  • Streamline effort with the ability to manage rules in one place
  • Date-effective rules, financial consolidation software that adapts to change
  • Enforce checks and balances by seeing everything in one place

Multiple Currencies

  • Reduce complexity of multi-national planning and reporting
  • Integrate actual data and plan in local currencies
  • Save time and improve accuracy with automatic conversion
  • Use multiple exchange rate types, including historical
  • Simplify with automatic Cumulative Translation Adjustment

Example of Reclassification Rule


  • Reclassify accounts when consolidating subsidiaries to a parent company
  • Specify the time period, version, and which accounts and entities should be reclassified
  • Easily accommodate changes to accounting guidelines
  • Use Cell Explorer to drill into values and see both the original and reclassified accounts

Example of Journal Entry

Journal Entries

  • Ensure that updates to GL account balances are balanced - no one-sided entries and debits must equal credits
  • Determine who made changes to entries and when with audit trail reports
  • Drill into account details, including journal entries, with Cell Explorer
  • Export entries back to the GL

Process Tracker

  • Define deliverables, assign them to users, monitor their status, and track their closure
  • Expedite creation of repetitive processes like fiscal period close with the task copy function
  • View up-to-the-minute process status, progress, and task completion with at-a-glance graphs
  • Increase accountability, involvement, and collaboration in any process in your organization