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5 Steps to Getting Your Business On Board with Rolling Forecasts

Instead of being once-a-year exercises, rolling forecasts happen on a regular cadence. Unlike budgets that may have hundreds of line items, rolling forecasts focus on key business drivers. And rather than focusing on the past, rolling forecasts act as early warning systems when you’ve drifted off-course; they help to raise visibility beyond the traditional budgeting “wall” by continually updating your forecast with actuals, you’ll be able to quickly adjust the levers that drive performance.

Nucleus ROI Case Study – Montclair State University & Adaptive Insights

Learn how Montclair State University improves productivity and enables robust reporting and analysis across 150+ users with Adaptive in this ROI study by independent firm Nucleus Research. See how Montclair State has achieved 211% ROI and annual savings of nearly $115,000 while simultaneously increasing staff efficiencies and clarity into the budgeting process.

BPM Partners Vendor Landscape Matrix: Spotlight on Adaptive Insights

BPM Partners shares market data around the future of finance – from moving to the cloud, to providing dashboards across the enterprise and enabling collaboration with the right tools. Read about all of the trends in this paper so you can make the smart decision for your organization.

Nucleus ROI Case Study – Gentiva & Adaptive Insights

Learn how Gentiva, a large provider of home health and hospice services, improves productivity and visibility across its 500+ users with Adaptive in this ROI study by independent firm Nucleus Research. See how Gentiva has been able to reduce software and consulting costs by moving to a cloud application and get managers more involved in the budgeting process in this paper.

5 Technology Strategies That Drive Success for Finance Executives

Adaptive sat down with a panel of financial leaders to discuss what they see as success in today’s fast moving financial landscape: Mike Dinsdale, CFO of DocuSign, Tarun Bhatia, CFO of KIPP, and Gene Domecus, COO of Blurb, Pamela Langshaw, Finance Manager and 15-year veteran of Coca Cola.

Steps to Accelerate the Financial Close: Companies Can Save Time and Reduce Risk

Are you trying to manage consolidations across multiple subsidiaries, currencies, and ERP systems in spreadsheets? Learn how companies are cutting the risk by moving away from spreadsheets and automating their processes to accelerate the financial close in this white paper by Ventana Research.

Nucleus Research Report – Adaptive Insights vs. Oracle Hyperion

When considering a budgeting, planning, forecasting, and analysis solution, companies have both on-premise and cloud options. Nucleus Research, an independent analyst firm, interviewed Adaptive customers about their experiences. Read about all of the benefits of moving to the cloud, such as usability and cost, over traditional on-premise solutions like Oracle Hyperion in this paper.

The Path to Reporting Nirvana

For businesses, feeling trapped in an endless cycle of so much data and not enough knowledge about that data can also be a kind of hell on Earth.

What the Best CFOs Do Better: Secrets for Smarter Decision-Making

Finance chiefs have the unique perspective by providing a “big picture” view of financial data, as well as a granular view of operations. With the role of finance evolving, learn about what successful CFOs are doing to drive better decision-making.

2014 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study

Dresner Advisory Services’ Wisdom of Crowds study is the world’s most comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) report. Download the report today to get the clearest perspective on today’s BI trends, solutions, and vendors, according more than 1,200 users globally.

Decision-Making at the Speed of Business: The New Business Performance Management Manifesto

Today's rapid, ever-changing business world requires leaders to make fast, informed decisions. This New Performance Management Manifesto explains why legacy Business Performance Management (BPM) solutions no longer meet modern businesses’ needs, and details four components of new BPM solutions that are vital to long-term success.

BPM Partners Performance Management Research Study: Spotlight on Cloud and Mobile for 2014

BPM Partners details the steady, worldwide market shift to cloud-based business solutions, and explains why business executives is the group is most interested in mobile access to analytics.

Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrix – Corporate Performance Management

In this paper, leading research analyst firm Nucleus Research evaluates the usability and functionality that end users have received from CPM vendors and ranks them in their Corporate Performance Management Value Matrix.

Nucleus Research ROI Case Study – Large Public Manufacturer

Learn how a large public medical devices manufacturer was able to improve visibility, increase trust in financial forecasts and analysis, provide greater auditability, and increase finance and non-finance employee productivity with Adaptive Insights. See the direct and indirect benefits in this paper.

BPM Partners – Vendor Profile and Customer Satisfaction Ratings from 2013 Pulse Survey

BPM Partners, a leading research firm focused on Corporate Performance Management, evaluates the main CPM players and ranks them based on criteria such as overall satisfaction, ease of use, and functionality.

Nucleus Research ROI Case Study – Adaptive Insights & DocuSign

Learn how Adaptive Insights helps DocuSign manage their global growth in this ROI study by independent firm Nucleus Research. DocuSign uses Adaptive to analyze bookings, forecast revenue, evaluate resources, and more – and they’ve already reduced time spent planning by 60%. See all the benefits DocuSign has realized with Adaptive in this paper.

Nucleus Research Guidebook – Adaptive Insights

This independent paper by Nucleus Research provides an overview of the benefits our customers have realized with Adaptive Insights. Learn how Adaptive can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, improve collaboration, and drive stronger manager involvement, with acceleration in planning and consolidation cycle times by 50-70%.

Cloud for Finance Value and Performance: Consolidation, Analytics and Planning

This new paper looks at what makes Finance successful in today’s fast-changing markets. It includes the most important challenges faced by Finance, and how leading Finance executives rely increasingly on cloud-based solutions—especially solutions addressing core consolidation, reporting, analysis and planning.

TDWI Best Practices: Data Visualization and Discovery for Better Business Decisions

Tools and practices for data visualization, data discovery and visual analysis are enabling “nontechnical” users to make effective use of data and reduce their time to insight.

Financial Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting in the New Economy

Key performance criteria to distintuish Best-in-Class companies, with best practice identification and actionable recommendations

The TCO Advantages of SaaS-Based Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting

An Analysis of the Four-Year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for SaaS and On-Premise Performance Management Solutions

Six Rules for Effective Forecasting

This article demythologizes the forecasting process to help executives become sophisticated and participative consumers of forecasts, rather than passive absorbers. It outlines six simple, common sense rules that smart managers should observe as they embark on a voyage of discovery with professional forecasters.

Budgeting: Seeing the Future

Excerpted from Manager's Toolkit: The 13 Skills Managers Need to Succeed. Budgeting can cause stress and conflict, eating up lots of hours. But a good budget can be the difference between financial success and insolvency.

Dynamic Forecasting: A Planning Innovation for Fast-Changing Times

This article takes the concept of rolling forecasting—itself a relatively new approach—one big step further, and dives into the details & benefits of dynamic forecasting.

What-If Analysis and Activity-Based Budgeting

This article introduces the powerful new extension of the activity-based budgeting model that enables a company to link its strategic plan and sales and production forecast to the specific demands for capacity required for implementation.