Large Companies

The Adaptive business analytics solution is an excellent fit for large companies, at both the division and headquarters level. Our global client base includes hundreds of large companies from numerous industry sectors.

Our cloud-based solution goes live quickly and is immediately accessible to employees spread across multiple locations worldwide. It’s intuitive and easy to use, which increases adoption and collaboration. And our robust functionality supports the complex consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis requirements of large enterprise companies.

Multiple Instances

  • Provide business units or functions with their own unique Adaptive business models (instances)
  • Easily and automatically link together, consolidate, and manage multiple instances
  • Preserve organizational autonomy and eliminate one-size-fits-all approaches
  • Streamline planning and analysis at headquarters and within each organization
  • Integrate strategic, high-level planning with more detailed, bottom-up operational planning


  • Create and analyze complex, multi-dimensional plans, e.g., by product, geography, channel
  • Implement driver-based planning of financial and non-financial data
  • Automatically integrate P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements
  • Perform what-if analyses for varying levels of growth, restructuring, M&A scenarios, etc.
  • Use powerful group level workflow approvals in complex organizations


  • Streamline complex consolidation of data from multiple business entities, divisions, functions, etc.
  • Utilize intuitive definition of rules for intercompany eliminations, allocations, and minority interest
  • Implement internationally with automated multiple currency exchange, cumulative translation adjustment
  • Achieve faster and more accurate and transparent close and report cycles
  • Know sooner how performance is tracking against expectations

Visual Analytics

  • Improve your ability to understand the past and the present with graphical visualization of performance
  • Empower business users to jump in and analyze their own data, without relying on IT
  • Visualize KPIs and their underlying drivers in ways that people can easily grasp
  • Integrate extremely large volumes of data from any source, with high-performance analytic engine
  • Understand your business performance and identify the root cause of problems


  • Provide users with powerful drag-and-drop report-building tools with no programming
  • Generate and distribute real-time reports with no waiting
  • Avoid dependence on IT for report writing and analysis
  • Accelerate reporting cycles to internal and external stakeholders
  • Comply with GAAP and IFRS reporting standards

Data Integration

  • Integrate data from any source – ERP and CRM systems, data warehouses, etc.
  • Use Connectors to automate and streamline secure data integration
  • Use APIs to design and implement your own automated integration to Adaptive
  • Use Excel or CSV import to get started quickly without IT resources
  • Partition actual data to differentiate imported actuals from adjustments

Select large, enterprise clients include: